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Matthew Palmer FANtastic Brush set of 3

Matthew Palmer FANtastic Brush set of 3



From Effective & Fast Trees to flowers to animals, waterfalls to grasses, reflections and crashing waves and beyond, these FANtastics are the ultimate addition to your brush collection. Designed and developed by much-loved watercolour artist, Matthew Palmer, they are ideal for all kinds of effects.

The random nature of the fanned hair creates great texture and the unique spiky edge changes each time you reload with paint – wonderful for capturing natural, organic marks.

These brushes are a must for all artists, and will work with a range of mediums from watercolour to acrylic.

‘These new brushes designed and developed by Matthew Palmer are the worlds first special effect brushes’

“How do I name a brush that paints, flowers, animal texture, fur and hair, flowing water, waterfalls, reflections, grasses, foliage, crashing waves, rolling waves, tree bark, sunbeams, falling rain? ……  So the name I decided on is ‘FANtastic’. The ultimate addition to your brush collection  – Matthew Palmer”

SET OF 3 – Contains small, medium & large FANtastic Brushes