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Matthew Palmer’s Blending Blade Brush Set of 2

Matthew Palmer’s Blending Blade Brush Set of 2



Perfect for graduated transitions from one colour to another, this set of 2 Blending Blades gives you the tools to create smooth, flowing watercolour washes and colour gradients.

Designed by Matthew in response to the colour blending struggles of his students, these carefully shaped ‘blades’ provide the answer – and other additional benefits as well!

The unique, angular design also allows the artist to paint using two colours at once, simply load up each side with different colours and experiment! The two colour technique is great for quick and easy flowers and rainbow effects.

“Smoothly blend the paint away with the angled shape of the synthetic hairs. The sharp point lets you paint straight lines, and the crisp edges allow you to lift out colour creating amazing effects!”
Matthew Palmer, SAA Professional Artist

Set of two brushes includes one large and one small.