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Matthew Palmers Natural Colours Seasonal AUTUMN Set

Matthew Palmers Natural Colours Seasonal AUTUMN Set


This stunning set of Artists Watercolours are the perfect choice for painting the splendid beauty and colour of the changing seasons. Specially blended by Matthew, these four new sensational colours are the perfect addition to any artist’s palette.

Natural Green Light

This opaque fresh green tone is perfect for spring landscapes and adding vibrant touches of stunning highlights to trees and foliage, whatever the season.

Natural Green

This glorious deep green is perfect for painting trees and creating subtle shadows that can help bring your foliage and summer landscapes to life.

Natural Orange

Freshly squeezed this zesty colour is packed full of natural goodness – perfect for giving a warm golden glow to your florals, sunsets, and autumn landscapes.

Natural Brown

Lovely warm earth tone – perfect for adding a touch of depth and drama to your winter foliage, woodland trees, bark and branches.