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Essential Sketching Skills For Your Watercolour Painting

Learn essential sketching skills to develop your pictures. Learn how to use perspective to draw buildings and use basic shapes…
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Paint a Cottage in a Summer Landscape

A simple picture with sketching lesson. Paint this this beautiful little cottage in the country.
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Paint a Windmill Landscape in Watercolours

Just before sunset, paint this beautiful windmill standing by calm waters.
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Paint Beautiful Blossom in the Park in Watercolours

With spring starting to show, this is a great time to paint along with Matthew and create this beautiful Blossom…
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Paint a Butterfly Vignette in Watercolours

Paint along with Matthew Palmer as he shows you his tips and techniques to create this beautiful butterfly vignette.
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Paint a Stunning Scarlett Macaw in Watercolours

Let Matthew show you how to paint this stunning Macaws head, using feather details and bright colours.
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Learn How To Paint A Realistic Summer Tree in Watercolours

Paint along with Matthew Palmer as he shows you how to create a realistic looking summer tree, featuring shade and…
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Paint A Beautiful Flamingo in Watercolours

Paint along with Matthew as he shows you how to crate this beautiful Flamingo, in bright pinks.
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Paint A Stunning Arctic Fox in Watercolours

Paint along with Matthew Palmer as he shows you techniques for creating fur effects on this beautiful Arctic Fox.
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The Northern Lights Over the Norwegian Mountains

Join Matthew Palmer and let him show you how to create this amazing picture of the Northern Lights.
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Old Mill and Gardens

Join Matthew to paint this great old mill and it's surrounding gardens
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Paint a Mini Bluebell Wood

Paint this quick little bluebell painting featuring an ivy covered tree.
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